At first glance, cosplay can seem to be a hobby for the young, but as we've seen in the past with a cosplayer's grandmother lending her touching charm to a Howl's Moving Castle photoshoot, it can be an ageless and rewarding endeavor. Fifty-year old mother and cosplayer from Brazil, Solange, is proving that again with the passion for life she finds in making costumes to transport herself to worlds of fantasy.

Solange, from Manaus, Brazil, has adopted the nickname Tia Sol (Aunty Sun) for her cosplay persona, and it's a fitting moniker given how bright and warming her love for the cosplay scene is. She tells BuzzFeed that she got her start costuming when a friend challenged her to do it as a bet, back when she would attend events with her daughter. After pulling it off, Aunty Sun has been getting individual pieces online and putting outfits together herself.

She now sings the praises of the creative transformation process, saying ""I never thought that I would be well received among the young people, I've made a lot of friends during all of this...I can launch myself into the world of make-believe, where anything goes." One look at her blissful expressions while cosplaying shows she really believes that. Be sure to follow her on Facebook for more ageless cosplay fun.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.