Japan's National Highways are well traveled not just by those getting form point A to point B, but by those looking to take in some scenic routes as they visit other prefectures. On some, the ride may even be more worth it than the destination, as seen with a National Highway that lets you drift over the sea like a Mario Kart level.

Twitter user @Asuka_Shiromaru recently reminded many and came as surprising news to some of Japan's most unique National Highway--National Highway 339, located in Aomori prefecture. "Most unique" may sound like a bold claim, but the moniker proves true, as Route 339 is the only National Hallway in Japan that's actually a staircase!

If you stumbled upon the remote staircase alongside a sign that reads "Staircase National Highway", you'd probably find yourself scratching your head as clearly no cars or bicycles can make use of it. However, the staircase located in Aomori prefecture's Cape Tappi was originally built as a means of connecting highway routes. However, because of the vehicle-unfriendly terrain, elevation, and dense housing, the staircase was left in place--along with its designation as a National Highway!

Today the 388.2 m (1273 feet) and 362 step staircase is a tourist attraction for many visiting the area, as it makes for both a rare photo-op and long-walk that allows you to take in the gorgeous coastal scenery of the area.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.