Due to the torrential rains that hit western Japan in July 2018, the National Route 305 through Fukui Prefecture was hit by a landslide, and a well-traveled and important coastal section of the highway was destroyed.

While some sections of the highway were closed off due to collapsing and other damage, one destroyed portion was quickly modified with a temporary round-about bridge to serve as an immediate fix. The result, however, is a very jarring sight that has attracted a lot of attention. Japanese Twitter user Akinai (@S_Cub85CM), like many, traveled to catch a glimpse of the highway that that become the center of online talk. Posting it with the hashtag "Japan's most surprising highways championship, Akinai said "The U-shaped national highway that sticks all the way out into the sea. I went alto Fukui just to see this."

One look will tell you why!

Source: @S_Cub85CM

The photo has dropped some draws on Twitter, with a great deal of people comparing it to a real-life Mario Kart course and others speculating you could find yourself flying out to sea on a hard turn. Still, the bridge is safely constructed and many have also voiced excitement in wanting to visit it to experience the unique drive and live out their Mario Kart dreams.

So why the unique shape? The reason appears to be that this particular portion of the road needed an immediate temporary fix, as waiting longer to properly return the collapsed portion to its original state would leave nearby residents isolated for a problematic long period of time. A Fukui resident replied to the Tweet suggesting a different reason, and that's that a big drive of tourism in Fukui is that people visit from all over the country to eat crabs. Using the standard repair process would cause the road to not be ready until crab season, so instead a quick temporary fix with different materials was made!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.