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SPY X FAMILY’s delicious mission at PRONTO!

The popular anime, SPY×FAMILY, has finally started its long-awaited second arc. Their missions are thrilling and often dangerous. However, starting October 21st, the characters will have a new mission at Pronto, a major Japanese café and bar chain. It seems intriguing! The mission is a collaboration project, and its objective is “Mission: Infiltrate the peaceful and cozy cafe!” (Mission: Ikoi no kafe ni sennyū seyo!| MISSION:憩いのカフェに潜入せよ!)

This is the key visual. They are the café staff! Very cute!

Character themed drinks

These are the new drinks for the infiltration mission this time.

The drink in the middle with an Anya tag is Anya’s peanut-iced chocolate (Anya no pīnatsu kokoa | アーニャのぴーなつココア)! The drink is a mixture of peanut sauce and Pronto’s original chocolate topped with whipped cream, more peanut sauce, and caramelized peanuts. You can enjoy Anya’s favorite food, peanuts, and Pronto’s original chocolate together!

The left green drink is Loid’s green pistachio latte (roido no gurīn pisutachio late | ロイドのグリーンピスタチオラテ)! It is a pistachio and white chocolate flavored drink topped with whipped cream and freeze-dried strawberry flakes. The strawberry flakes are inspired by Loid’s red tie and the green color of pistachio expresses his green jacket.

The dark bold colored drink on the right is Yor’s non-alcoholic red sangria (yoru no non arukōru reddo sanguria | ヨルのノンアルコールレッドサングリア)! This is a sangria with lemons, mixed berries, and rosemary. This item expresses the wine which made her super drunk.

All of the drinks are only served during café business hours. Hours may differ depending on the shop, so be sure to look up the information from your nearest Pronto before going.

If you order the collaboration drink, you’ll get one of these cute coasters. Unfortunately, you don’t get to pick the character.

Character themed pasta

Actually their first collaboration, “Let’s go to a café together” (minna de kafe e odekeke! | みんなでカフェへおでけけ!) is still ongoing until October 20th . Although the three drinks I introduced are new items for the second collaboration, these spaghetti dishes will be available for both the first and second duration.

The left one is spaghetti aglio e olio. In Japan, this type of spaghetti is usually called pepperoncīno ペペロンチーノ. The P is the secret call sign Loid uses. The main ingredients of this spaghetti are pork, potatoes, and porcini mushrooms. All of the names start with P to match Loid’s call sign.

So, the name of this menu is “Twilight’s P call sign pasta!” (tasogare no pī angō pasuta | 黄昏のP暗号パスタ)”.

The black and red dish is the Thorn Princess squid ink tomato pasta (ibara hime no ikasumi tomato pasuta | いばら姫のイカスミトマトパスタ). The two colors are the theme colors of the thorn princess, which is the name Yor is known as when working as an assassin.

The last one is Anya’s peanuts beet carbonara pasta (anya no pīnatsu bītsu karubo pasuta | アーニャのぴーなつビーツカルボパスタ). As the name shows, it adds beets to a carbonara pasta and is topped with Anya’s favorite foods, peanuts and crispy bacon.

If you order the collaboration pasta, you’ll get one of these cool plastic files. Once again, you don’t get to pick the character you want.

They are selling merchandise too! Acrylic key chains, acrylic stands, stickers and mugs are new items being added for the second collaboration!

During the first and second collaborations, you’ll hear original narration by Anya in each store. Also, nine stores* have been designated as flagship stores, and they have special decorations for this campaign.

*Sapporo pōru town store, Sendaiaobadōri store, Shibuya store, Yaechika Tokyo station store, Nagoya station store, Nambasukaio store, Kyoto station building biru store, Amyupuraza Hakata store, Kumamoto COCOSA store.

They are also simultaneously running a Twitter follow & retweet campaign. According to the press release, if you follow both the Pronto official Twitter account and the SPY x FAMILY anime official Twitter accounts, you could win a special gift. Please see the accounts for more details.

“Infiltrate” the peaceful and cozy café by November 13th and enjoy the delicious food and drinks with SPY×FAMILY characters!


By - Mochijapa (Ayano Irizuki).