Source: PR Times

Retro lineup of Creamy Mami fashion items released

Popular 80’s anime Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel is collaborating with fashion item brand Muddie for a special release.

The new items from Muddie are all designed with a theme based on 80’s pop culture such as cassette players, cassette tapes or CRT television, and the depiction of Mami using her magic power to become an idol singer. Their lineup also includes some handy tote bags as well.

Tote bag with large inside pockets [Price: 4,290yen/Size: H440 x W500 mm]

Smocking bag [Price: 5,390 yen/Size: H500 x D80mm]

CRT television design coin case [Price: 3,850 yen/ Size: H 75 x D 20mm]

Cassette deck player shaped clutch [Price: 9,350 yen/ Size: H110 x D20mm]

Cassette tape design card wallet [Price 2,090 yen/ Size: H63 x D5mm]

These items are made-to-order! Don’t forget to pace your pre-orders at the official website if you are interested.

Pre-order period: January 28th to February 25th

Estimated Delivery: End of May

By - Mugi.