Source: @aririria_art

Incredible 3-D art squid almost looks too real

26-year-old ARIA (@aririria_art) is a self-taught "color pencil artist" from Japan, and her drawing ability is certainly top notch, but what's really led to her acclaim online are her 3-D illustrations and trick art that will have you convinced animals are actually jumping off a canvas. The shading, coloring, and realism she adds to her work even recently had many on Twitter unable to tell the difference between her drawing of a 100 yen coin and the real deal.

ARIA's latest work is having the same mind-blowing effect on people. The talented illustrator recently shared a drawing of a squid that looks looks like it's swimming right off the paper it's drawn on, and could even be slimy to touch!

Source: @aririria_art

The impressive illustration perfectly captures the details of a squid right down to a texture you can almost feel and tentacles that look like they're ready to writhe and propel it to swim right into the real world. As hard as it is to believe, ARIA posted a video showing how she brilliantly drew the amazing squid!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.