If you have a dog, and particularly live somewhere with more defined temperature differences between the seasons, you've likely seen them go through a bit of a fur transformation between summer and winter. From fall to winter, dogs typically go through a shedding season, where their summer fur falls out and is replaced by winter fur.

For some doggos that change in appearance is a bit more drastic than others, however. Japanese Twitter user @diary09998120, who lives with their trusty shiba inu Emma, documented their dog's "before and after" winter coat appearance. The difference between the two pictures is night and day!

Before: Emma's fur in June

Source: @diary09998120

After: Emma's fur yesterday!

Source: @diary09998120

"On the left, June (summer fur), on the right, yesterday (winter fur). In just a few months she became this fluffy!"

In just a matter of 4 months, Emma's shift into winter mode has fluffed her up into almost a completely different dog! According to @diary09998120, despite the massive fluff up Emma's weight hasn't changed at all. As different a dog as she looks after a few months, she still keeps the same hilarious stoic expression. Emma certainly looks adorable in either season!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.