We've seen creepily realistic gigantic wearable felt cat heads before, but when it comes to full-body creations, these furry felt animal creations by felt and wool artist yomoko888 (@moko824428) might be the best we've seen. Her award-winning felt and wool creations of Shiba Inu, corgis, wiener dogs, and even cats are shockingly realistic.

While yomoko888 has been crafting these high quality wool felt pets for a while now, it was a recent work for which she was awarded a certificate of Outstanding Work at Craft Cafe's 5th "Wool Felt Special Feature" that has caused a stir on Japanese Twitter.

Posed above is her award-winning work, "Shibawanko" (Shiba doggy/Shiba pupper), which not only features outstanding fur quality, but the realistic quizzical, yet inviting smile of an adorable Shiba Inu. It stands at a height of 25 centimeters. As Shiba have a monopoly on the cute canine corner of the Japanese side of the internet, many are showering the impressively crafted doge with praise and appropriate shock that it's not a real dog. With the certificate placed directly behind it, you may even think it took place in a dog show.

Of course, yomoko888's talents aren't limited to just one breed or animal. Check out her other excellently crafted and adorable works below.

Of course, these are just the tip of the furry iceberg. Be sure to follow yomoko888 on Twitter, Instagram, or on her blog to keep up with all her amazingly cute and realistic creations.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.