Japanese Twitter's viral "muscle fox" and "right hook dog" may have just found a fitting rival for a triple threat death match. They may have to wait until she's finished with some more urgent business, however. Japanese Twitter user @oishiitakuan1 captured a picture of her own shiba, An-chan, right as she was relieving herself--and looking like an imposing canine sumo wrestler.

An-chan is actually doing her daily business on the grass, but is apparently very into it and comes across as stanced up. What's actually a handkerchief tied around her neck (common in Japan among shiba inu) appears as a sumo loincloth because her fluffy neck (muscles) are in the way.

Perhaps to some disappointment, many found out that An-chan is not actually as big enough to be a sumo wrestler when not getting into her restroom stance. Still, she is quite an adorable unit!

By - Big Neko.