Just as humans differ in appearance, cats also differ in facial features and other characteristics.

In particular, differences in fur color and pattern can make for unique combinations.

For example, a cat with a mixture of white, black, and brown fur is called a calico cat.

A cushion cover that looks too much like her cat!

Calico cat owner ミカサにゃんの飼い主 Mikasanyan no kainushi (@MikasaLove611) whose account name literally means "Owner of Mikasanyan," her cat's name, posted a photo that has both her family and many Twitter users laughing.

It all started when she saw a cushion cover on sale with a pattern that looks just like Mikasanyan.

Even though the cushion cover is square and not in the shape of a cat, the pattern is a perfect match. When you look at these pictures, you'll surely understand why her family did a double-take when they saw it:

Reproduced with permission from ミカサにゃんの飼い主 Mikasanyan no kainushi (@MikasaLove611)

The pattern of white, black, and brown is so similar that for a moment, it's hard to tell where the border line is between the cushion cover and Mikasanyan!

If Mikasanyan were to relax on this cushion cover, even her owner would probably lose sight of her...

The similarity is such that you'd be forgiven for thinking that her owner made the cushion cover out of Mikasanyan's fur!

The photos elicited numerous comments online, such as:

  • "What a perfect match. It looks like many kittens huddled together..."
  • "I seriously couldn't tell where the cat was in the first picture!"
  • "I did a double-take and then some. This is camouflage...!"
  • "Please tell me that's fake fur and not (your cat)... lol"

Perhaps Mikasanyan also feels a kind of camaraderie with the cushion cover.

In any case, one thing is certain: With Mikasanyan being so well camouflaged, her owner needs to be extra careful and make sure her cat isn't there before she sits on that cushion!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.