Winter is in full effect in Japan. Temperatures are dropping, and various regions are seeing heavy snowfall and shortened periods of daylight. While this makes for some breathtaking photography—say, hot-spring village Ginzan blanketed in snow or the winter wonderland that is Kifune shrine in February—it is not without a few challenges. As you might suspect, most pressing is staying warm in homes and apartments that often lack central heating.

At times like these residents often turn to kotatsu, low-seated covered tables equipped with a heater underneath. These tables trap warm under a thick blanket and are perfect for watching TV or otherwise lounging around the house during colder months. More recently, higher-seated versions are on sale for those teleworking from home.

Cats and kotatsu

As you might suspect, kotatsu are often irresistible to cats hoping to stay warm as well. While they can potentially be dangerous for pets, companies have gone as far as designing the heated tables specifically for felines.

Nevertheless, manga artist KyuryuZ (@kyuryuZ) recently released a piece detailing how cats and kotatsu can be something of a problematic combination. See for yourself:

Reproduced with permission from KyuryuZ (@kyuryuZ)

Reproduced with permission from KyuryuZ (@kyuryuZ)

Reproduced with permission from KyuryuZ (@kyuryuZ)

Indeed, something about the piece of furniture seems irresistible to cats. Whether it's the warmth they provide or the curiosity they inspire. What's a tired and cold owner to do?

Readers of the manga reacted:

  • “How cute...if it were me, I’d be covered in bite marks.”
  • “I couldn’t help but laugh at this accurate depiction of the personality of cats.”
  • “I wish this would happen to me.”

If you liked this manga by KyuryuZ, you can find more like it on the artist’s Twitter page. The artist also has a book available on Amazon. Check it out!

By - Luke Mahoney.