If you ever search the hashtag #セクシー大根 (sexy daikon) on Instagram or Twitter, you will be greeted by images of daikon radishes that appear to be suggestively crossing their "legs" or posing sexily. It's simply an internet gag for people who happen to buy or harvest a daikon that fits the pose, but it's popular enough to have turned the sexy daikon into a giant huggable pillow.

Here's an example of how a sexy daikon might appear in the wild.

Japanese Twitter user Amami Morishima (@morishima_amami) may have discovered a new evolution of the leggy daikon, however. They recently revealed their encounter with a "macho" sexy daikon that seems to enjoy doing pushups.

With a workout regiment like this, Japan's daikon can be sexier than they've ever been before.

By - Big Neko.