Starbucks Japan has released a new “Purple Halloween Frappuccino” based on the theme “midnight’s ghost tricks” to celebrate the Halloween season. The drink is purple in color from the toppings to the Frappuccino itself. It looks a little mysterious and full of the flavor of Japanese purple sweet potato, appropriate for the fall season!

The new spooky drink uses purple sweet potato vanilla sauce and powder to achieve its dark "midnight color. The surprising look of the purple drink, and the mouthful of rich purple sweet potato flavor makes for an intriguing and fun Frapp for the spooky season. Be sure to grab one before Halloween ends.

*Tall size only

Take-out price: 678 yen

Dine-in price: 690 yen

Available period: October 19th to October 31st until the quantity lasts

By - Mugi.