Itohkyuemon is a Japanese tea specialist store which was founded in 1832, and is based in Uji, an area known as Kyoto's green tea paraside. As expected with such tea credentials, Itohkyuemon have plenty of amazing matcha creations, and their most popular parfait is a seasonal dessert inspired by a rainy season flower. The elaborate sweet evokes the image of blooming hydrangeas glistening with dew, an arresting sight which can be seen at a temple nearby Itohkyuemon’s main premises.

The hydrangea parfait (or ajisai parfait as it’s known in Japanese) only comes out for Japan’s rainy season, and went on sale last month. But this elegant dessert is so popular it can be hard to get hold of, with up to a three hour wait for a table at the teahouse during the parfait’s short stint on the menu. Thankfully, Itohkyuemon have come up with a takeout version so matcha parfait enthusiasts can get their hands on one a bit quicker.

This version contains the same components as the original, with blueberries, purple and blue matcha sweet potato (kinton), and green leaf matcha cookie accents. Crushed jelly catches the light like a hydrangea’s petals after a night of showers.

This takeout version can only be picked up at Itohkyuemon’s Uji Honten store in Kyoto for 1080 yen until around the end of June 2021. Take a look at Itohkyuemon's website for up to date information on opening times.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.