Just in time for the Setouchi International Art Triennial, the 100-year-old UOI inn-turned into a perfect otaku guesthouse has reopened for business.

Yuki Takada, JAPAN Forward

UOI's perfect guest room for otaku. Lined up with character goods from favorite manga and anime. (Provided by Otaku Guesthouse UOI) | Photo courtesy of © JAPAN Foward

A guesthouse by otaku for otaku, full of love for anime and manga, can be found in Tamano City, Okayama Prefecture.

The Seto Inland Sea extends out right in front of the inn, which is owned by a woman who moved there from Ibaragi Prefecture. She calls herself an otaku.

The old ryokan Japanese style inn has renovated bedrooms decorated with otaku characters. Ayako Kurita, the owner who renovated the inn, says, "We were closed for a while because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it's finally getting back to normal.

In 2022, the Setouchi International Art Triennial is also being held," she says, with the autumn session running until November 6.

"I hope that otaku and people who love art will come to visit," Kurita adds.

Ayako Kurita cosplaying as Kakashi Hatake from the popular manga Naruto (provided by Guest House UOI) | Photo courtesy of © JAPAN Foward


By - grape Japan editorial staff.