We're smitten for our furry friends here at grape Japan. How could you not be? When you're stuck at home during the early winter months of an ongoing pandemic, the comfort of cuddling with a cat or dog or other household pet is invaluable. Just huddle up with a furball and forget your problems.

...until your furball creates some of their own.

Indeed, mischief is many-a-canine's—and feline's—forte. Indeed, we've explored the topic in-depth before. Take, for example, this pup who has a knack for "redecorating" while charged with house-sitting. There is also Sen-chan, the Shiba Inu guard dog at Senjuin temple, who quickly reverts to a "guard dog pose" when tired of walking. Finally, in manga form, there is this tale of a mischievous racoon dog's encounter with a self-absorbed club host.

Through thick and thin, however, you have to admit that each of these characters is quite adorable.

"With a Cat and a Dog, Everyday is Fun"

Manga "With a Cat and a Dog, Everyday is Fun" is currently experience something of a hot streak. Creator Hidekichi Matsumoto just launched a YouTube channel, and the brand is slated to have its first exhibition in Tokyo from tomorrow, December 27th to January 12th.

Furthermore, in a recent Twitter post, the artist (@hidekiccan) illustrated a surprise she experienced while grooming her dog. Check it out:

Hidekichi Matsumoto (@hidekiccan)

Hidekichi Matsumoto (@hidekiccan)

I guess the pup was saving one for later.

Readers readily related to the artist's story. They commented:

  • "Lol! The ending was cute."
  • "One can only imagine how long that rice has been there."
  • "My dog also often gets rice stuck in his paw."

If you enjoyed this manga, you can read more about "With a Dog and a Cat, Every Day is Fun" here. Or head to the author's Twitter page for more content. Enjoy!

By - Luke Mahoney.