For those who appreciate the Golden Arches, McDonald's french fries are at their prime when served hot and fresh from the fryer.

Even after they've cooled down a bit, they're still in good shape but after a few hours, their life force begins to drain from their bodies. Getting warmed up again in the microwave may help, but the heat can make them dry.

The saddest situation is when your fries have been sitting on the counter or left in the refrigerator for a day or more. At that point, your fries have surely "passed away"...

But for some lucky fries, a chance at a new life in another world awaits...

YouTube channel カタカタシェフちゃんねる "Katakata Chef Channel" is run by a master chef and his assistant. They introduce tasty dishes made with unconventional ingredients as well as surefire dishes sure to make you drool.

If anyone, he's the right chef to work some magic, giving fries that have flatlined a new lease on life, reincarnating them into new dishes, a culinary isekai where they'll shine once again.

Let's see him work his magic on some day-old fries in this video:

When Chef Katakata saw these day-old fries, his first impression was they looked like sliced bamboo shoots.

That gave him the idea of turning them into a famous Chinese dish known as 青椒牛肉 qīngjiāoniúròu, or Pepper Steak. Taking the place of bamboo shoots, the fries seem happy in their new home, and the dish looks delicious as well!

You could call it a fusion of Western and Chinese cuisine. Maybe Chinese McDonald's customers have tried this one already?

Speaking of Western cuisine, the other dish introduced by Chef Katakata was a perfect fit: The traditional British dish known as Bubble and Squeak. The main ingredient is potato, with cabbage and meat playing a secondary role.

Once minor supporting characters in a McDonald's meal, these fries have now become the protagonists of a completely new dish!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.