Last year, Japanese public broadcaster delighted (and definitely surprised) anime fans and English learners alike by releasing a fantasy anime style English textbook simply titled "English Fundamentals 2". Despite the somewhat mundane title, the book actually taught basic English phrases through a story inspired by the genre of isekai anime and light novels, which often sees the hero or heroine reborn in or transported to a magical fantasy world.

One look at the characters featured will tell you why.

English Fundamentals 2 was used to pair as a textbook with NHK's own radio broadcast for English learning, particularly phrases used to describe yourself and where you are from (as one needs to when magically transported to a strange land). Now NHK is fleshing out the simple story into what they're calling the first ever Junior High School English light novel in Japan, and a chance for English learners to enjoy isekai fiction using Junior High School level English.

The story, titled "When I was reborn in a different world, I became a legendary girl", centers around Runa Wakatsuki, a very ordinary second year junior high school student. One day a handsome transfer student arrives at her school.

At an antique shop, she happens upon a pretty pendant and buys it. When she puts it on, however, she's transported to a mysterious fantasy world.

Here's some examples of the level of English used, and how the isekai story plays out.

And of course, she runs into a very familiar looking handsome knight.

The book, which totals 178 pages, is available for purchase from NHK (along with freely downloaded audio after purchase). Hopefully, the light novel can act as both a helpful tool and fun study method for English language learners.

By - Big Neko.