If you've got yourself a munchkin cat, you probably have to hold yourself back from laughing at their particularly short arms and legs. While they're certainly a charm point for the tiny felines, you can't help but feel bad when something just isn't quite within their reach.

Twitter user @shizuwarahinata probably is quite used to that feeling, living with three pet munchkins of their own. Just recently, they got a heavy dose of it when they were preparing some freeze-dried chicken breast snacks for them in the kitchen. However, one of the trio of cats, Hinata, is quite perceptive when it comes to the presence of food, and made it very clear that he was ready to chow down on some with his stocky little arms:

Hinata's frantic and demanding pawing at @shizuwarahinata might look even a bit intimidating if they didn't come across as punches thrown too short. Still, you can feel the tiny cat's love for his favorite food in every little air-paw. The video melted the hearts of many online with its captured moment of cuteness, with many sympathetic munchkin owners saying it's a daily occurrence. Note for munchkin lovers--bring the food a little closer!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.