As any cat lover knows, our feline companions can sometimes (read: all the time) have sort of a god-complex and turn the tables on who actually runs the house. Fortunately makers You Mofu have the perfect option to give your divine cat companion a space of their own: a shrine cat house and claw post!

The "Mofu Mofu Neko Jinja" (Fluffy Cat Shrine) is a miniature cardboard construction that resembles a Japanese Shinto shrine. It has three entrances (front, side, and rear), and even comes with a donation box (typically found at Japanese shrines) so you can financially worship your cat--or simply use it to place treats! Made of high quality cardboard, the inside can be used as a claw post for kitties as well.

The cardboard patterns can be painted to match your cat as well.

The shrine is currently set to be released as part of an ongoing crowdfunding project will run until March 30, 2021. The target amount of 222,222 yen has already been cleared, but as support increases, the detailed design and specifications will be upgraded.

You can follow updates on the project on Twitter and Instagram!

By - Big Neko.