Source: @kodou428

Cat’s love for tuna nigiri sushi knows no bounds

It's hard enough for human foodies to turn down a delicious sushi platter, but it's an even more Herculean labor for a cat to say no. A full serving of assorted nigiri is sure to get a kitty running to the dinner table to interrupt your meal plans.

Twitter user @kodou428 doesn't even need actual sushi for that to happen, however. Their fish-loving cat Chikuwa is definitely a visual thinker, as evidenced by a photo @kodou428 shared to Twitter that has cat lovers in stitches. As it turns out, the mere sight of sushi sends Chikuwa into a frenzy), as evidenced by his reaction to a flier for Japanese sushi chain Gin no Sara:

Source: @kodou428

Just seeing a picture of a sushi--and in particular, his favorite tuna--has Chikuwa in love with the flier, licking and lapping at the paper desperately trying to get a taste of the nigiri party platter! It's clear that it isn't the scent of tuna sushi that brings Chikuwa to the table but the shiny red appearance of its meat. Cat lovers online were delighted by the sight of Chikuwa's love for tuna, with some calling it unrequited love in the world of cats.

Apparently @kodou428 will have to go to the length of hiding even pictures of sushi around their home in the future.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.