When summer strolls around in Japan, cicadas make their presence known very well. While you'll most certainly hear them before seeing them as they chirp incessantly in loud choirs, you'll often see them clinging to trees in rows. So in the throes of summer, it can be hard to spot a tree that isn't home to a few cicadas.

Japanese Twitter user Hanamomo (@hanamomoact), who lives in the United Arab Emirates, has shown a more adorable version of the common summer scenery exists in their neighborhood. They shared a photo that has many reconsidering the cuteness of "cicadas", sharing a photo with the caption "3 cicadas."

Source: @hanamomoact

According to Hanamono, the three cats are 5-month-old troublemakers with a love of tree-climbing. The image brought a smile to the face of many cat lovers in Japan, with many replying that it might be a new species of cicada, one that meows instead of constantly crying.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.