The iconic Yokohama landmark attraction Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse recently went through a renovation for the first time since its opening and will be reopening on December 6th. The marketplace of 66 retail shops will be opening after this renewal under the name “BRAND NEW GATE”. There will be new shops as well as other local businesses of Yokohama decorating the warehouse with a variety of wonderful produce, items and meals you can enjoy to your heart’s content.

The renewal was branded with the concept and name of “BRAND NEW GATE” as a means to express the wish that Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse becomes the new “gate” connecting Yokohama to the world, from ordinary to unordinary, and from the past to the future.

The 66 shops at the renewal opening include 25 new retailers. There will be many new and unique shops and restaurants lined up for you to visit!

Take a look at the official website to check out all the old and new retail shops and restaurants available!

By - Mugi.