It's always a good idea to keep your hands clean, but the past few years have seen an extra emphasis on using cleaning alcohol and hand sanitizers to keep safe during the pandemic. This is particularly true in Japan, where hand sanitizer stations are now found commonly at just about every storefront.

Traditional Japanese ceramic sculptor Fuse Neko (@c_a_takurofuse), who is based in Yamagata prefecture and specializes in cat-themed ceramics and dolls, may have just created the most adorable--and somewhat bizarre--hand sanitizer we've seen for far! Fuse Neko posted a video showing off their newest sculpture, which has since become a viral hit on Twitter with many clamoring for one of their own:

A hand sanitizer that recreates a cat marking its territory by having it spray on your hands--all with an adorably cheeky look on its face!

The cat-shaped ceramic doll that disinfects your hands with a territory-marking spray is unfortunately not for sale as a commercial product, despite its sudden popularity, but will be displayed for photography and a hands-on experience at Fuse Neko's store for an event in December. The video has become a huge hit online, with many proclaiming this is one time they'd be happy to be sprayed by a cat, as well as admiring the expert craftsmanship and adorable face.

You can follow Fuse Neko for more awesome ceramics and updates on Twitter and Instagram, as well as check out their online BASE shop.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.