Marching, baking, making biscuits--whatever you want to call it, there's few things that make a cat lover purr like watching their kitty kneading. When a cat feels at ease and pushes its paws in and out while "massaging" a pillow, bed, or toy with a happy look on its face, it's hard not find yourself staring until they're finished.

If you've yet to find yourself in that sort of trance, Japanese Twitter user @ccchisa76 may have just provided the perfect example to convince you of its power. @ccchisa76 recently shared a video of one of their five cats, Mirko, who loves kneading so much @ccchisa76 has dubbed him "the god of making biscuits." While you that may sound like a bold claim, just watching the video will let you know why so many are agreeing with the nickname--if you can pry yourself away from watching, that is:

Bathed in sunlight and with an incredibly blissful expression on his face, the video of Mirko kneading his favorite sheep plushie is so soothing it really does like you're watching feline divinity! Many on Twitter agreed, leaving replies of how much the soothing power of Mirko's kneading washed over them.

"So divine. I want to him to make biscuits on me and receive his healing power."

"The gentle expression on his face is too much...I can feel myself getting sleepy..."

"So sunny and fluffy...I feel so at ease."

You can enjoy being hypnotized by more of Mirko's biscuit making on their YouTube channel.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.