Japanese Twitter user けも Kemo (@sokonron) lives with a dog and a cat.

One day, her dog was out in the garden and was behaving in an "unusual way," so she took a picture of it.

You'll understand what she means by "unusual" when you see the photo below:

Reproduced with permission from けも Kemo (@sokonron)

Kemo's dog is sitting on its side in a shallow hole in the yard.

From the angle at which it was taken, however, the photo makes it look like the dog popped out of the ground like a bamboo shoot.

What a surreal sight!

Apparently, Kemo's dog dug the hole a year ago. It's his favorite place, and he often goes into the hole. When they took the photo, Kemo noted that the dog would "emerge" from the hole to bark at passing cars, then quickly go back into the hole.

The adorable image quickly went viral, garnering nearly 1334,000 likes at the time of writing.

On Twitter, people provided their own theories on what the dog looked like, such as:

  • "I thought it was a garden eel popping out from the sand."
  • "Does he think he's a prairie dog?"
  • "Reminds me of Dig Dug."
  • "Can I play wack-a-mole with one coin* ?"
  • "It looks like a vegetable that sprouted from the ground."

* ワンコイン is a play on words since ワン wan is the sound of a dog barking but ワンコイン wankoin also means "one coin."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.