If you're naming all-stars of Japanese convenience store snacks, FamilyMart's Famichiki is definitely one of the first names off the board. The popular chunks of fried chicken come in a variety of delicious flavors, and its so beloved that FamilyMart even sells the oil it's fried in and has released potato chips flavored like it.

So you can imagine the disappointment from Famichiki fans when FamilyMart recently announced that due to the struggling yen, prices for Famichiki and other hot food products were getting an increase. Much to the dismay of fried chicken fans, the following eleven products are getting a bump in their price tag:

Famichiki: 198 yen → 220 yen

Crispy Chicken (plain): 160 yen → 178 yen

Crispy Chicken (Habanero Hot) 160 yen → 178 yen

Spicy Chicken 160 yen → 185 yen

Jumbo Franks 168 yen → 190 yen

Hashed Potatoes 108 yen → 128 yen

Corn Dogs 118 yen → 138 yen

Chicken Tsukune skewers 140 yen → 160 yen

Charcoal-grilled chicken thigh with sauce 108 yen → 128 yen

Charcoal-grilled chicken tenderloin with sauce 108 yen → 128 yen

Charcoal-grilled chicken skin (salted): 108 yen → 128 yen

Surprisingly, however, among the disappointment of now having to pay extra for Famichiki, there has actually been a huge outpouring of gratitude online. While people aren't happy about the fact that prices are going up, they are expressing thanks for the date that Famichiki has picked for the official price change--December 26th.

The reason for that is that in Japan, it's somewhat of a tradition to eat fried chicken as Christmas dinner (particularly KFC). So on December 25th, there's quite a lot of people who make sure to stop by FamilyMart and grab themselves a Famichiki or two. Knowing this, FamilyMart has deliberately chosen the day after Christmas to change the price, so that customers can enjoy it for the standard cost on Christmas day.

Fans have left some touched comments in replies to FamilyMart's announcement on social media platforms, expressing thanks for the special consideration of the Christmas tradition:

"I cried because I felt FamilyMart's kindness in starting the price on the day after Christmas..."

"I was so moved by the thoughtfulness of FamilyMart in keeping the price at the same level until after Christmas finished."

"I was sad to see the price increase, but when I saw the date of the decision, all I could do was thank them. It makes me cry."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.