You might remember when Japanese karaage (Japanese style fried chicken) chain Tenka Torimasu launched a promotional event to attract idol fans by releasing a special karaage intended to replicate the flavor of the sweat of an idol girl. This falls in line with a number of purposefully outrageous gimmicks in the idol world, such as a hug meet and greet where idols wore haz-mat suits to ward off stinky fans. Now the fried chicken chain is appealing to the overlap of a Venn diagram between idol fans and foot fetishists, releasing a karaage that tastes and smells like the sole of a girl's foot.

As was the case with their sweat sauce fried chicken event, Tenka Torimasu is teaming up with Kamen Joshi, an idol unit from Akihabara who wear masks like the tokusatsu superhero Kamen Rider. You may be familiar the group's popular member, Erina Kamiya, who is no stranger to these types of promotions as she once attempted to break a stack of roof tiles with her breasts, and life-hacked undressing.

Members Erina Kamiya and Anna Tachibana.

So how do you make fried chicken taste like the soles of a girl's feet? Seasoned Japanese food fans will have already noticed from the picture, but the "secret ingredient" is simply a large serving of natto over your karaage. Natto, for the initiated, are fermented soy beans. While a staple and even favorite of the Japanese diet, natto is notorious for its very pungent smell, similar to strong cheese, and very sticky nature (stirring or picking up natto with chopsticks produces gooey strands). The idea behind the dish is that a combination of natto's strong smell and taste, sticky consistency, and salty fried chicken replicates the taste of a girl's foot--or perhaps an idol's after a day of singing and dancing.

Whether you're into feet, idols, fried chicken, natto, or all of the above, those interested can head over to Tenka Tori locations listed on the campaign's website. The "Sole of Girl's Feet Flavored Karaage" officially goes on sale today (January 11th), and will be offered as long as supplies last for 400 yen a serving.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.