As a combination of a gravitation towards contactless ordering during the pandemic as well as overall technological advancements, many chain restaurants in Japan have shifted towards touch-panel tablet ordering in addition to standard call buttons that have been there for quite a while. Perhaps the latest and most impressive example of this digital ordering movement is certain family restaurant chains adopting robot cat waiters that tend to get in arguments with each other.

That doesn't mean the good 'ol fashioned way of ordering is defunct. However, Twitter user Kumeki (@KUMEKI_3) recently encountered a method of ordering installed at the Anjo City branch of popular Nagoya-style coffee house Komeda's Coffee that people are describing as "too analog"--to the point that they can't stop laughing.

In place of a call button at their table, Kumeki noticed that dangling from a nearby hook under a label that said "call waiter", was a rather jarring toy: a rubber chicken that makes a loud noise when you squeeze it.

Source: @KUMEKI_3

In place of this Komeda's call button is an old classic Japanese toy called the "Bikkuri Chicken" ("Surprise Chicken"), which is essentially a rubber chicken that makes quite the loud and alarming squawking sound when pressed! The sight of one being attached to a customer table itself is surprising enough, but seeing that it's officially used as a way summoning waiters by the restaurant has Twitter users cracking up in disbelief.

Many, however, are praising the chicken toy system as a charming and playful way to interact with serves as well as "resist" the age rapid digitalization.

The only drawback, of course, is maybe spitting out your coffee when you hear the disturbing squawk of a Bikkuri Chicken.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.