Every year in Japan, high schools from all over Japan competes in a national baseball tournament.

There are many fans of the tournament, thanks in part to the way young players play to their best of their abilities, and it often brings a lot of tears to the spectators.

This year, however, one high school team brought in some humor and excitement. At the 5th round of the Saitama prefecture tournament, players from Namegawa Sogo high school showcased some interesting moves. Although the moves don't have a lot to do with baseball, it certainly entertained the spectators.

First up is Yuji Baba, who is in his third and final year of high school. Watch the way he throws around the bat!

It's as if Baba is doing some Nunchuck moves with a baseball bat - pretty impressive, don't you think?

Pitcher has his own moves too!

Baba wasn't the only player from this high school to show off some choreographic skills. This pitcher (a.k.a. 'Submarine Matsuo') sits low and throws a ball in a very peculiar manner. It's hard to know whether it's improving the quality of his throw, but it is certainly fun to watch.

Regardless of the quality of their playing, their 'show' has apparently taken spectators on their side. Although they lost 2-3, it's the high school's best result in 10 years.

There should be more drama in the high school tournament - we'll keep an eye out for more interesting things from the tournament!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.