Out of a large number of martial arts in the world, Aikido in particular has a stronger focus on self-defense. There is a certain kind of beauty in Aikido, with the way it guides the opponent's force to defeat them.

In this video, a teacher of Aikido teaches what is probably the ultimate form of defense when someone is coming up to you with a sword.

Pretty much anyone can do it!

First, the teacher gives a wooden sword to one of his pupils. What kind of move is he going to make? Bubbling with excitement here...


Source: YouTube

Then the teacher says "go"... The student begins his move!!


Source: YouTube


Source: YouTube

Oh. Ohhhhh... The ultimate move - sprint and flee.

Well, I guess if you were unsure what to do when someone is coming up to you with a weapon, you might be better off just running the hell away.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.