Japan is fortunate to have few great mountains to not only look at but also to climb.

Don't have the time to view the real thing? How about 'Yamatsumi'? It's a realistic 3D models of famous Japanese mountains.


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A realistic rendition

'Yamatsumi' kit comprises of a whole bunch of thick paper. You just keep on stacking it up to reveal a realistic model of mountains.

You need a lot of patience to complete the model - it takes a lot of stacking before you even see the base of the mountain.


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However, placing that last piece might give you an exhilaration similar to that of when you finished climbing the mountain.


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The model is pre-painted, so all you need to do is just stack and stack. It is so detailed that it even has major roads on it! It could also be handy when you are planning your route up the mountain.

Here's a video of Mount Fuji being stacked up:

Apart from Mount Fuji, 'Yamatsumi' series has modeled over 30 different locations.


Source: Amazon

By - grape Japan editorial staff.