I personally like drinking thing off a glass cup - the texture and temperature of it seems to make drinks taste better. However, glasses can be a pain especially if there are kids or pets around.

Well, we've found a nifty little cup that won't break that easily.


Source: YouTube

This cup is called Shupua, and is made by a Japanese company. When standing on its own, the cup looks pretty much like a glass cup - but it's actually made out of silicone.

So if you grab it, you can squeeze it a bit. It might be quite nice to take to outdoor activities, especially if you are not a big fan of paper or plastic cups.


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I normally thought of silicone products as some flappy things that you use in cooking, but I didn't realize how they can be made sturdy enough to be used as a cup, not to mention transparency.


Source: shupua

shupua sells for about 1900-5000 yen (approx. 15.00-40.00 USD), depending on the size of the cup. Although it's slightly expensive, it might be worth it if breaking glass cups is a concern.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.