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Whether it's Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper", or a character from the popular manga "Death Note", it takes a lot of hard work and craftsmanship to design a work of art. Stephan Brusche, a talented "fruitdoodler", has no problem making that process even more difficult--by choosing bananas as his canvas!

His work speaks for itself. You can see that he invests painstaking attention and effort into turning an everyday banana into visually stunning adventures through the history of art. Stephan's banana portfolio consists of a variety of muses, ranging from classics you would find in an art textbook, to popular fictional characters. It turns out the bananas we enjoy so often have a greater calling in their potassium and vitamin filled lives. Now when you see one that is too brown or mushy for your liking, just remember that there is at least one guy out there who can make sure it won't go to waste! Have a gander at his fruitful catalogue--it's really impressive, and some are quite funny!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.