Hey guys - have you pen and paper ready. This simple quiz is intended for elementary school students, but it's surprisingly hard - even university students can't work it out. Here goes:


First, write "W" on a piece of paper.

Now, all you need to do is draw 3 lines to create 9 triangles.

Remember: other shapes such as squares and pentagons don't count.


Can't figure it out? Here's a clue - we will draw 1 line for you:


If you still have no idea, just try and draw some straight lines from all sorts of angles.

Well - here comes the answer:


Drawing this line gives you 3 triangles. And then...


Here we have it - 9 triangles. See the bits in green below:


This might be a good quiz to share with your friends and family - try and rack their brains out a bit!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.