The daytime is supposed to be our friend — it’s not until night that unknown shadows begin lurking under the bed and in the corners of our closets… right? To the horror of this little girl, it seems that the monster under her bed has boldly followed her into broad daylight, deciding to appear just before her afternoon nap.

Of course, the “monster” isn’t really a monster, just her own shadow following her around the parking lot.

The video of this adorable girl, originally posted by father and Facebook user Mike Jacobs, shows her fumbling around the parking lot with her trusty pacifier in mouth, before discovering her own shadow and screaming, running as fast as her little legs will carry her.

Unfortunately, her shadow isn’t something she can easily get rid of, and she clumsily (but endearingly) tumbles to the ground.

We hope she eventually learned that her shadow isn’t scary, and that she got her well-deserved nap.

But with over 24 million views, 800,000 shares and countless laughs at the expense of an otherwise tumble-free afternoon, we say she should at least get an ice cream cone.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.