Dogs are said to be our best friend, and while there may be some of us who choose to roll with cats, there is no denying the special bond that can be born between an owner and their faithful pup. No matter what your situation is, your relationship with your dog is truly something unique and able to be cherished. So let's enjoy some imgur posts that show us how those bonds never break.

No matter where or how we live, our love never changes.

They stay by our side during the hardest of times.

They're there to pick us up when we fall down.

So we have to help them out when they need us.

Whether they're big...

...or small.

So if they can't run...

...we need to give them a hand.

So we can enjoy our biggest moments together.

After all, they were there from the start.

Plus, they're always waiting to welcome us home.

Even if it means standing up!

But most importantly--they want to do everything together with us!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.