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Enter the Miniature World of Tatsuya Tanaka

“Everyone must have had similar thoughts at least once,” writes Tatsuya Tanaka on his website. “Broccoli and parsley might sometimes looks like a forest, or the tree leaves floating on the surface of the water might sometimes look like little boats.”

While most of us might reserve these thoughts to ourselves, Japanese art director and designer Tatsuya Tanaka decided to turn them into miniature realities where broccoli and parsley are forests, and teacups and bottle caps turn into swimming pools for families and athletes. Not only that, but he posts new pictures of such whimsical scenes on his website daily under the name “MINIATURE CALENDAR” for us to enjoy everyday.

The tiny figurines, which are all only about 2 cm high, depict everyday occurrences in individual snapshots taken by Tanaka.

If we were to piece together his miniature masterpieces, this is probably what Tanaka’s microcosm would look like —

Father and son going bug-catching under puffy popcorn clouds.

Children playing in sandboxes identical to their moms' cream compact foundation.


Source: Instagram

Laundry machines that look exactly like the Instagram logo..

Star Wars characters battling it out on a corn cob.

And an onion as Spidey's archenemy.

Lumberjacks sawing through salty pretzel snacks.

Families getting together around an Evian bottle for a mid-afternoon dip.

And precarious bridges being built between broccoli forests.

Creative and clever, I would totally live in Tanaka's miniature world.

But until then, I'm fully content just looking at his Miniature Calendar.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.