Japanese plastic model hobbyist @zF5qCrS8szTPQsM regularly posts his awesomely crafted works to both Twitter and YouTube, and notes in his Twitter profile that he tries to complete his models as stylishly as possible without airbrushing.

That talent is probably no better observed than in his most recent work, a gorgeous diorama of a classic scene from iconic anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, completed in stunning detail with the use of items he acquired and creatively used from a 100 yen shop.

The diorama recreates the famous scene from The End of Evangelion, where Asuka Langley Soryu, piloting Evangelion Unit 02, dramatically battles JSSDF and SEELE forces, hoisting a warship over her head (although he's turned it into a blood red sea). Staging the scene is one thing, but it's truly impressive how much extra detail and flourish the expert modeler is able to add to it using a little creative elbow grease and 100 yen store items. He details the building process in a YouTube video.

@zF5qCrS8szTPQsM starts out with an RG EVA Unit-02 Production Model Kit, but uses a nail polish and file combo, a clear file (crumpled up), glue gun, and other items from a 100 yen shop for some great special effects.

The glue from the glue gun acts as an adhesive, but coupled with baking soda and once stretched out with tweezers, it provides the aesthetic of rippling and dripping sea water.

The wear and tear of the battle applied to Unit 02 is also a very nice touch.

The result is a truly awesome diorama from any angle!

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By - Big Neko.