83-year-old Chuman Don Luciano lives in Ferrenafe, Peru, and it is there that a community came together to give him a heart-warming makeover.

Affectionately known as "Crazy Chuman" by locals, Chuman has a family and home, but perhaps due to his schizophrenia spends much of his time in the streets. Is is there that he has become somewhat of an iconic and beloved figure by the community. So, they decided to get together and tidy up his disheveled state.

The community gave Chuman a shower, and then sat him down for a haircut and a shave.

Those concerned with the look on Chuman's face may think that he is uncomfortable. While this could be true, he may also not be totally aware of what is happening around him, and we imagine that the goal of this makeover was not purely aesthetic, but for the safety of his own hygiene as well. Either way, we hope that he can find some comfort in the people who banded together for his sake, and hope he doesn't mind his new look!

Spokeswoman for the municipality, Yesenia Abad Cross tells BuzzFeed Espanol that "The mayor wants this to continue here and in other provinces...These humanitarian gestures must continue...Sometimes we are a little indifferent, and forget that they are people like us and need our help."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.