Do you have any routines that you follow every day, such as walking your dogs, or doing stretches?

Those routines might surprisingly lead to an early detection of what could be a serious illness, if you notice something that you’ve been doing every day, and you are suddenly unable to do so.

An unexpected factor that led to an early detection of cerebral infarction!

One of the top causes of death, Cerebral Infarction...what are the symptoms?

According to the Japanese Ministry of Health, every year many people die of cerebral vascular diseases.

The cerebral vascular diseases and conditions, such as stroke, can be classified into three different conditions; cerebral infarction with a blockage in the blood vessels causing an infarction leading to lack of oxygen in the brain tissue, cerebral hemorrhage where there is a bleeding into the brain tissue caused by a rapture of the blood vessels, and subarachnoid hemorrhage.

Cerebral infarctions can result in motor paralysis in the right or left side of the body, aphasia, and chronic feelings of haziness.

A few main preliminary symptoms of cerebral infarction are; loss of strength in the extremities, stumbling over your feet often, inability to come up with words or loss of ability to comprehend, or tingling of extremities on one side of the body


According to the cardiology information service of National Cardiocirculatory Diseases Research Center, it is crucial to go see your doctor as soon as you notice these unusual symptoms for possible cerebral infarction.

Recently Japanese Twitter user WaiJei (@tabboi) shared a story about how her father noticed something seriously concerning regarding his physical health--thanks to a video game.

WaiJei received news from her mother that her father got admitted to the hospital for because of a stroke. However, it was not because he fainted or anything, but because he noticed he was unable to play his game well, “Puyo Puyo”, which he played every day. He thought it was unusual, so he went to the hospital for a check-up. It was then they found signs of the early stages of cerebral infarction in him.

“My mother told me that my father was admitted to the hospital for cerebral infarction. Apparently, it was because he couldn’t manipulate the controller playing the game he plays every day, “Puyo Puyo”, he went to the hospital for a test and he was diagnosed as having the early stage of stroke. Thank you Puyo Puyo.”

“Puyo Puyo” is a popular tile-matching puzzle video game series that debuted in the 1990’s. Even to this day in 2020, the game continues to be loved by its fans, and there are still tournaments and events going on. There are a lot of us having enjoyed the game when we are younger. It is such an unexpected surprise that a puzzle game led to an early detection of a stroke!

The Tweet has received a lot of positive feedback and comments.

"So glad that he found it early on! Video games aren't so bad after all."

"It was his good awareness of his own health that alerted him to go to the hospital even with such a small sign, and also how quickly he acted!"

"It is important to check up on your brain health by paying attention to your own physical movements!"

"WaiJei’s father must have been able to not only enjoy the game but also to analyze his own health by playing the game. It might be an idea to start playing a puzzle game on your smartphones to catch unusual signs from your body!"

By - Mugi.