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Dog Lost In Typhoon Chaos Reunited With Owner

The recent typhoon that has caused massive flooding in Ibaraki prefecture has been devastating, resulting in damage to residential areas and requiring emergency services to be dispatched for rescue operations. While there is still much reason to be concerned with ongoing efforts, at least one tale of separation in this disaster has come to a happy ending.

This is a tweet sent out as a notice that a stray dog had been found after being swept (presumably quite some distance) away in the stream of the flood. While it was saved by the fire department, the tweet-sender asks for people to share the information in hopes of finding the owner, rather than the dog simply being taken to the health center.

Just a day later, a notice that the dog's owner had been located appeared!

The tweet thanks all those who helped spread the information, while breaking the good news.

It seems upon calling the health center, contact from the dog's owner came and the two will be able to reunite face to face next week.

The fast-spreading viral nature of social media has its ups and downs, but in this instance someone can be grateful for it. It's good to know that our reach has expanded beyond black and white "lost dog" fliers.

And while this story ends with the two separated parties finding each other, try to keep those not yet able to do so in your thoughts.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.