Seki City in the Gifu prefecture of Japan is famous for its production of premium quality blades, so famous in fact that it is held in high regards along with Sheffield in the UK and Solingen, Germany as a trifecta of cutting edge forging. The city's longstanding heritage of blade production carries on today, with traditional forging techniques still being used to make Japanese swords, which can be seen on display in Seki's actual Sword Tradition Museum. And now, in order to promote the necessity of keeping this beautiful tradition alive, the city has made an entertaining promotional video that shows us how the world would be without blades in our every day life!

The commercial invites us to "imagine life without blades" by showing people having to improvise in everyday situations such as cutting vegetables and shaving, to comedic effect. At the very least, it will make you appreciate the presence of cutting tools in your life!

Well, after watching, we sure are glad to have blades to make things easier! Keep up the good work, Seki!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.