Japanese online retailer Felissimo has never shied away from strange. Their Nekobu (Cat Club) division specializes in feline-themed products that usually respond to fan surveys, but in the past this has resulted in scratch and sniff stationery that smells like cat tummies, lip gloss that simulates kissing a wet cat nose, and the very popular pet bed that turns your cat into a fruit tart.

Their latest release may be a bridge too far to cross for some cat lovers, however. For the rest it will leave them drooling. An all-in-one moisturizing gel inspired by cat drool!

The "Grooming by licking" all-in-one gel is supposedly based off of a cat's drool, but Felissimo says it's also inspired by and intended to groom and moisturize your skin just like a cat. The moisturizer aims to take care of your skin with a soft-to-touch and non-sticky gel that makes use of hyaluronic acid and collagen, and has no fragrance. While of course there isn't any actual cat saliva inside, the concoction designed with the way a cat licks and grooms itself in mind.

It comes in six different cat type/color packaging (such as tabby, black and white, orange, etc.), and opening up the container will reveal a cat sticking its tongue out--the idea being that the feline is offering up a serving of grooming saliva for your skincare needs!

It's currently available for order at Felissimo's online shop both in Japan and internationally for 1,058 yen ($9.54 USD), with a different cat type being shipped out monthly. As will all Cat Club releases, a portion of each purchase is donated to efforts to help stray cats and dogs all throughout Japan.

By - Big Neko.