Imagine you’re stuck on a lonely island for days, looking for a light of hope that could save your life. Something like a boat, or an aircraft, whatever might take you out of this place.

Two men in Jefferson County went fishing on a normal weekend Saturday in Warrior River, Alabama. Something insane happened that they had never thought of.

From a certain distance far from their boat, a kitten desperately jumped into the water then swam through the river at full speed.


Source: YouTube

The sight may seem a bit awkward as we look at it, by just seeing a part of the Kitten’s head poking above the water, and coming towards to the boat.


Source: YouTube

The kitten seems to understands the only life-line was to reach to these strangers as quickly as possible, and pray for the best.


Source: YouTube


Source: YouTube

The surroundings look like an uninhabited area, with only trees and water. I can not further imagine how terrified they were. And who knows how long the Kittens were staying there .

We all know how cats hate water, right? It looks like when they’re desperately enough, eventually they will do whatever they can to survive. They saw humans and wanted a home, so they swam.

Thanks to these two big-hearted gentlemen for the rescue. After a necessary medical treatment for these kittens, now they are back on their own feet. And adopted by these amazing fishing men.


Source: YouTube

By - grape Japan editorial staff.