In a moving video created by Spain’s State Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Transsexuals and Bisexuals, a young gay American couple asks locals in Madrid to translate a letter containing directions to their hostel.

What the locals don’t know is that this letter is full of violent homophobic threats.

The locals kindly being translating, but as they read on, they realize that the letter is far from harmless, and is in fact written in pure hatred.

You can see how their expressions immediately change as they realize that the letter is filled with fierce threats, and they struggle to tell the couple what exactly has been written. Visibly emotional, a young woman tells the couple “it’s better if you go to another hostel, because this is not very good.”

But when urged by the tourists, some of the tourists attempt to translate.

“I accepted your reservation before I saw your [couple] picture,” they start to read aloud. But violent threats ensued, and the letter went on to say “if I see you holding hands, kissing, or doing anything affectionate inside the hostel, I will f**king punch your face.”

The locals are furious and in shock, and they show full support for the couple. Many of them urge them to take the letter to the police, saying can “close his business” and “send him to jail.”

Part of a campaign encouraging people to report homophobic, biphobic, and transphobic threats, insults or attacks, this video shows that we all need to support each other, and hate never wins.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.