Toyota had finally revealed its new concept Toyota S-FR in Tokyo Motor Show in October. The first impression that made the audience stand in silence is not because of the spectacular specs and low price itself. It is the design outlook.

You see, it totally looks like the well-known Yellow Pokemon we’ve been trying to capture, Pikachu. Not saying humans like to alter things to make a fuss about it, when the headlight is on, the angry-look make it looks more real.

To the point, once you noticed it, it just goes away.

Here's the stats, outstanding Light-weight of 980 kilogram (2,160 pounds), powered by a 1.5 lire four- cylinder engine with about 130 horsepower.
Size Measure: 3.99 metres (13 feet) long, 1.95 metres (5.5 feet) wide, and 1.32 metres (4.3 feet) tall.

The new color theme covers in Black and Yellow.

To some people who grew up with Pokemon, this may be their dream car to celebrate. But for some others, probablly will have to think twice before buying it. The risk of having a sports car attach with a fame of Pikachu is somehow not what they've been asking for.

S-FR's...face is a bit disappointing..
freakin.. exact same as Pikachu (nob).

The world announcement from Toyota's S-FR car looks so-like Pikachu lol...

It has an amazing affordable estimated price tag of 1.5 million yen (US$12,484). Pokemon Fans can be more happily ever to show their friends of this cute sports car. 2018 release date in Japan will be the time given if Toyota raise the signal that says go-ahead.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.