This video, showing a footage of an argument, had gone kind of viral in Japan and Guam. Situated in a beach somewhere in Guam, it involves a Japanese guy and a guy either from Guam or a nearby island.

The video begins with a 'Micronesian guy' saying "don't take off your kids - small kids", possibly implying that you should keep your clothes on in front of kids, even if you are on the beach.


Source: YouTube

Japanese guy might have been confused - but when you make a posture like this, things won't go well:


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And here comes the "punchline":

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Source: YouTube

The kinds of comments on this YouTube video is wide ranging: many Japanese viewers found that the guy who got punched was an embarrassment:

"He's Japan's embarrassment - can we have his passport revoked?"

"Why is this 'Hobbit' just gazing til he gets punched?"

"Even if you don't understand the language, why couldn't you see this coming?"

On the other hand, people from Guam is pissed off at the guy who punched the Japanese:

"I'm from Guam and that stupid ass who punched the other guy is not even from here .Us Chamoru's on Guam respect our tourist!"

"[T]his idiot ain't no local! I'm born and raised on this island. I'm a chamorro and that guy who punched the tourist ain't local! We know how to show respect to our tourist. it's because of tourism, is why we have a job to support our families. find this idiot and lock him up. These type of people is what will destroy our tourism industry."

It is hard to know what made this 'Micronesian guy' upset. Perhaps the Japanese guy was changing to his swimming gear right there on the beach; in that case, there is a reason to be upset. While it is understandable that there was a language barrier, it is unfortunate that the guy resorted to violence.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.