You probably had heard of b&b hostel—bed and breakfast, which is mostly popular in Europe. Travelers live in a share-room space with divided by no wall, but includes basic sleeping bed furniture and a small breakfast both attached with a supremely cheap cost.

But have you heard about Book and Bed hostel in Japan?

A 24-hour open hostel, provides a clean and quiet bookshelf-style sleeping area to travelers. Bookworms can enjoy their travels while doing some reading in the moment.

The price rate is around 3,800 to 6,000 yen (US $32 to $50) per night, a reasonable price in the heart of Tokyo near Ikebukuro station. Only a few minutes away, famous places such as Shibuya are already in front of you.

Bedroom size in Japan is commonly known as small and narrow for most foreigners, and you may think a bookshelf style room could get smaller. Fortunately, it is way more decent than you think.

Standard bedroom 205 x 85 centimeters (80.7 x 33.5 inches)

Larger Bedroom 205 x 129 centimeters (80.7 x 50.7 inches)

There are plenty of useful travel books for you to pick up to read. A great benefit for backpackers who just booked their flight to Japan without preparation. Since the company Book and Bed tries to welcome more visitors from overseas, a lot of English language books can be also found besides Japanese books. At the moment, 1700 books are available placed, which includes travel guides for Japan. Later on, an open scale of 3000 books in total will be available.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.