"Freshness Burger" is a fast-food Hamburger franchise in Japan. While they have a standard offering as well as low-carb and Japanese-style alternatives, they all come in nice wraps and basket:

But times are tough doing food business in Tokyo - you can choose from so many places to dine, and many of them are pretty reasonable.

So they came up with this:

Frebar 300

"Frebar", a made-up word combining "Fresh" and "Bar," offers anything in the above menu - from beer, highball, wine, to all the side dishes including prosciutto - for 300 yen (about 2.50USD). (From 5pm until close of business.) Now, that's damn cheap!

Alternatively, you can pay 1,500 yen (about 12.50USD) to eat as much prosciutto and drink as much wine as you like for 1 hour!

People on Twitter have already been totally impressed with this super offer:

I was with a friend at Freshness Burger - we got drunk with little money - it's a bargain!

I got inspired to do this too - all you can eat and drink at Freshness Burger - Woo hoo!!

So I went to Freshness Burger - all you can eat prosciutto for 500 yen is too cheap! And I had something to drink as well...

A drink at Freshness Burger. And you can have as much prosciutto as you want for 500 yen!

I came into Freshness Burger for the prosciutto all you can eat. Only 500 yen!

I'm having some prosciutto and wine at Freshness Burger... It's heaven.

You can now do a strange mixture of having a burger, as well as some alcohol, and some prosciutto! Wow - this is fun!

Remember that it's only available in participating stores, so make sure you check the list (Japanese only) first.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.